The City of Velenje undertakes to ensure that the website is accessible to all users in accordance with the provisions of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act. This accessibility statement refers to the VELENJE.SI website.

We wish to enable equal access to our website content to all visitors and users of our website. The website, which is still being adjusted and developed, is being prepared in line with the web content accessibility guideline (WCAG 2.1) prepared by the W3C organisation.

In designing our website and web content we follow the universal design principles.

Compliance level

To a large extent, our website conforms with the AA level of WCAG 2.1. We try to remedy any shortcomings by reviewing the content or by taking into account the shortcomings notified to us by users of the website.

Inaccessible content

We continuously monitor the accessibility of the website and improve any potential inaccessible elements on a rolling basis. Despite this, certain content posted on the website might not meet the accessibility conditions as stipulated under the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act.

Examples of such content are:

  • scanned documents in a PDF form,
  • documents created using specific software (certain content has not been edited for reasons of disproportionate burden; an authority assesses that editing would constitute a disproportionate burden if by editing the content they would incur significant financial repercussions due to the volume of the content to be edited);
  • various complex tables containing data (the reason for this being the disproportionate burden constituted by HR and the financial burden which would result from optimising the content).

Among such exceptions are scanned regulations which were adopted before 2010 and which are published as PDF documents, annual reports, the organisational chart of the city administration and other similar content that has to be published in accordance with other Acts and optimisation of which would constitute a disproportionate burden. It is not allowed to alter the official and signed documents that have already been published. In addition, given the volume of such documents, we are also understaffed to be able to amend all such documents with an alternative Word document (Disproportionate Burden; Article 6 of Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act).

The above-listed content refers to a very small and specific usership among whom we have not yet detected any accessibility issues. However, at the City of Velenje we strive to do our best to adapt the entire content of our website as much as possible to users who belong to vulnerable groups. In the future, we will ensure the accessibility of published documents to the maximum possible extent taking into account our organisational, technological and HR capacities (while also considering the proportionality of burden).

Special accessibility functions

To ensure the accessibility of the website, certain system adjustments had to be provided, such as:

  • responsive design which enables adjustment of the content layout to screen resolution;
  • appropriate colour contrast between the text and the background;
  • images equipped with alternative text;
  • display of content for users of assistive technologies; and
  • keyboard navigation.

We are doing our best for our website functions to be available to all users regardless of how they are accessing them (by keyboard, through voice commands, mouse or other assistive technologies).

In addition, our website also contains accessibility tools that enable its users to:

  • increase the font size,
  • decrease the font size,
  • select grey tones,
  • select stronger contrast,
  • select a negative contrast,
  • select a bright background,
  • underline links,
  • select a font that is easier to read,
  • access the accessibility statement.


All images on our website which are not for decorative purposes only contain additional text which either describes the information in the picture or a function illustrated by such picture. We use images and graphic elements because they facilitate the understanding of the website content to many users, in particular those with impaired cognitive or learning abilities. They may also be of help to users with poor or impaired vision to orient more easily on our website.


The website provides a sufficient contrast between the text and the background so it can also be read by visually impaired users without contrast enhancing tools. However, the accessibility tools also comprise an option which allows users to select the contrast scheme that best suits them. The accessibility tools are available at all times at the top of the screen.

Feedback and contact information

Universal design opens unprecedented new options and opportunities to users with various handicaps and impairments. Accessible information and communication technologies, which are an important factor for creating equal opportunities for all, have an important role in this regard. They allow us to take advantage of the digital society and our creative potential.

If you wish to notify us of any adjustment of the City of Velenje website or if you require information on content that is currently inaccessible, please send us a note to:

Monitoring the implementation of the Accessibility of websites and mobile applications act.

any non-compliance with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act, you may file a report to the Information Society Inspection Service either by regular mail or by e-mail (Inšpektorat za javni sektor, Tržaška 21, 1000 Ljubljana,

This statement was prepared on 21 September 2020 using a method from indent one of point (a) of Article 3(1) of the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1523 – a self-assessment performed by the public sector body. It was last reviewed on 16 June 2022.


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