In recent years, we have carried out many activities in this area, and we will pay even greater attention to it in the future. We have been working intensively on the network of cycling routes; we enable a free city bus service (Lokalc), free-of-charge use of Bicy city bikes, and free rides for the elderly (the Kamerat electric vehicle).


We encourage active forms of mobility among which cycling is very important. Daily distances of up to 5 km can now easily be overcome; using an electric bike, one can travel even further.

In Velenje we have recently fixed 30 km of new cycling connections, numerous bicycle parking spots, service points, and upgraded the Bicy automated bicycle rental system… We have also issued handy maps comprising a layout of cycling routes and an explanation of the various types of these routes. In addition, we have organised attractive campaigns aimed at making people familiar with the cycling network while also rewarding them with practical prizes that make cycling more enjoyable and safer. All these activities were carried out under the common catchphrase “My city, my choice!”, because we believe decisions made by individuals affect the well-being of society as a whole. With road traffic being one of the main air polluters, the incentives for sustainable and active daily mobility will continue to be one of the priorities on the road to decarbonisation.

Sustainability is also an important aspect of tourism. We have been awarded the Slovenia Green Destination Silver label. We have identified many recreational routes for both locals and tourists, and included them in the Savinjska2Go app and Bikemap app, and on the map. Tourists can rent bikes, children’s bikes, scooters, bicycle trailers for kids and cargo, and tricycles for the disabled. They can choose among various cycling packages and tours with experienced guides.


Urban passenger transport – Lokalc

The urban passenger transport service, known as Lokalc, provides free bus transport for citizens of the Municipality of Velenje.

It runs along five lines: red, yellow (circular in one direction), blue, green, orange and the Podkraj cemetery line. There are 43 stops along the lines. The Velenje bus station is the first stop for all lines. At all stops there are information boards with the timetable for each stop.

In July and August, the yellow line service has been extended until the evening. The service runs on Sundays as well.

The timetable is published on the website of the Municipality of Velenje and the Nomago company. Any questions and initiatives regarding the Lokalc bus service can be submitted by telephone at a toll-free number: 080 88 09 or by e-mail at:


Bicy automated bike rental system

To use the Bicy system, personal user registration is required at the Velenje Tourist Information Centre in Vila Bianca, which operates within the Šalek Valley Tourism Institute (Stari trg 3) between 9 AM and 5 PM.

We have 148 bikes in the Bicy system, half of which are electric bikes. Use of the Bicy system services is free-of-charge. It is only with an annual registration or replacement of an old user card, which allows use of the upgraded system, in the amount of EUR 10.00, that the costs of maintenance and registration are partially recovered. Once registered in the system, one may use the system every day of the week, only subject to a time limit of 14 hours per week.


Kamerat project

In 2018, the Kamerat project was launched enabling better mobility to the elderly and mobility-impaired persons. All rides must be booked at least three days in advance by telephone at: 080 15 70. This allows us to provide the transport to the largest possible number of users. The call centre is located at the Social Activities Office.

Free transportation is intended for citizens aged 65 and over as well as for mobility-impaired persons and those citizens of Velenje who have no other means of transport available to them. The basic principles of the project are: intergenerational solidarity, promotion of an active life style, integration, cooperation, respect for nature, and support for volunteering. Transports are carried out by the volunteers of Udarnik – a team of volunteers operating within the Velenje Youth Centre, and to this aim the Municipality of Velenje bought an electric car, with the Velenje Youth Centre being in charge of it.


Take Bicycle bus to the Logar valley and Štrekna bus to the Koroška region

The Bicycle Bus service was launched in 2021. It is a 30-seat bus with a trailer for the transportation of bicycles. It is intended for both people without bicycles and for cyclists. By organising public transport facilities, we wish to enable people to access the Upper Savinja Valley and the Logar Valley without using their personal cars, and thus decrease the excessive influx of vehicles to the aforementioned areas. Other aims of this initiative are to provide users with the experience of a comfortable trip without stressful driving, reduce their carbon footprint, and to encourage them to adopt an active approach to exploring the environment. In June, July and August of 2022 the Bicycle Bus service will operate twice a day at weekends.

We also co-fund the Štrekna Bus which is a 30-seat bus with a trailer for bicycles operating in summer months between Velenje, Gornji Dolič, Mislinja, Slovenj Gradec, Otiški Vrh, Dravograd and a lake suitable for swimming in Lavamünd on the Austrian side. Štrekna is a picturesque cycling route along the abandoned railway route with numerous former railway facilities along the road. This 24-km-long route has been asphalted in full, equipped with uniform signs, and separated from the rest of the traffic. With a slight ascent and dedicated rest stops it is particularly suitable for families and the elderly. In 2022, the Štrekna Bus, too, will operate at weekends (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) during summer months (June, July and August). An additional trip between Mislinja and Lake Velenje is scheduled at noon.


Velenje bus station


Parking system

By signing the contract on the implementation of the optional service of general interest involving parking spaces and parking garages, the public utility company Velenje, d.o.o. took over the management of parking spaces and parking garages in the Municipality of Velenje as of 1 January 2017.


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