Residential Planning

Despite the natural lay of the land with the town squeezed between the hills and the valleys, and partial degradation of the valley due to surface depressions caused by coalmining, Velenje can offer numerous residential options to the local residents and interested parties from out of town.

The already adopted documents and ongoing development of new town plans and zoning plans provide for utility-serviced lots approved for the construction of buildings for the purposes of cottage industry, factories, shops as well as individual investors. Rehabilitation of surface depressions along the lakes and other areas, however, offers a range of attractive options to potential investors for the construction of tourist facilities, and facilities for recreation and entertainment.

The completion of the proposed national highway cross and the planned construction of the motorway bypass past Velenje will bring the town closer to other parts of Slovenia which is bound to make the municipality one of the more desirable settlement options in the country. In addition, Mestna občina Velenje presently makes available – and will continue to do so in the future – about 50 low-income and non-profit housing units to its residents every year.