Peter Dermol, mayor
Peter Dermol, mayor

Kind greetings to all of you and welcome!

I am glad that you have stopped at our website and I will be even happier if you find interesting news or useful information on these pages.

The main purpose of our website is to offer as much information as possible to our residents, visitors and coincidental browsers. We would like to keep you informed about our city, our municipality, the operation of the City Council and Municipal Administration. Our work may seem, at least when observed from the outside, rather complicated. Every organization scheme and every procedure has its own reasons, purposes and a common objective – to be efficient in providing the best answers and solutions. Application of new methods that are offered to us by modern technology can be of great help. With a simple mouse click we can spare a step, a telephone call and in particular one of the greatest values of the modern world – time.

We do our best to make our municipality website easy to operate and applicable for the users. In this way you can get to learn as much as possible and arrange things which could otherwise be settled in the offices. We are glad indeed to welcome any and each of you in our building at Titov trg 1; however, we realize that your time is too valuable. Above all we wish that you spend the time with people and things you like better than running errands. I strongly believe that Velenje is still the city of opportunities and the city of future. Let’s go to meet it together!

I would like to invite you to at least occasionally look at Velenje – the city, the municipality – in the way I do.
With the heart.

Peter Dermol


E: peter.dermol@velenje.si

P: +386 3 896 16 04