Dear residents and visitors!

In the Municipal Administration of Velenje we try hard to maintain kind relationship with our residents. So far, we have done a lot in this area but there are many tasks still waiting to be carried out. For this reason we are now, after 4 years, renewing our website to make it even more useful and accessible for our residents. In this area we are at the top in Slovenia and the proof is the obtained title “Q-občina 2008” which certifies that we are the municipality with the best developed e-operation in Slovenia, including the excellent evaluation of web pages as a central portal of all e-services. The awarded websites were upgraded in June 2008 and thus became even more serviceable for the users.  

In our operation the participation of residents in decision making is gaining in importance. A municipality which is not aware of this fact cannot develop. Our joint work has already born fruit in transmission of the City Council sessions through internet and cable TV, possibilities for residents to get e-addresses, e-democracy, cable café. With the modernization of our website you will be able to find at http://www.velenje.si/ plenty of new texts, photographs, charts, maps and schemata that can be enlarged, e-forms and more and more. So, welcome to our e-world!

mag. Iztok MORI
Acting Director of Municipal Administration


T: +386 3 8961 604
E: iztok.mori@velenje.si

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