Youth Activities

The Mladinski center Velenje youth centre was established for the purpose of ensuring the development of youth cultural activities. It provides a wide and varied selection of cultural, educational, entertaining and other programmes. The Activities Council includes young educated people, who feel the need for the centre to exist. The centre reflects the work of young people, whose desires are mirrored in the activities programme. Centre development is open to all content not appreciated elsewhere.

In the future, more funding will have to be provided for the implementation of the Centre programme. The core vision of the Centre is to let the district come alive as an interesting and informative social environment characterised by open mindedness and tolerance, and open to actions and/or reactions of young people and visitors alike. Since 2002, however, there is also Vila Mojca, which is housing the internet café, the Medobčinska zveza prijateljev mladine Velenje inter-community friends-of-youth association, the organisers of the Pika festival and the youth day centre. Vila Mojca also provides numerous activities for children and schoolchildren.