Project title: Sustainable re-use, preservation and modern management of historical ruins in Central Europe - elaboration of integrated model and guidelines based on the synthesis of the best European experiences

Owners and managers of the thousands of medieval ruins around Europe face the challenge of preservation despite limited options for modern use of their sites. The RUINS project develops approaches that help managers to find contemporary, social uses for old ruins while keeping historical heritage intact. Research and evaluation of various sites will create a basis for comprehensive management plans.

The official start of the project was on 01.06.2017 and will last until the end of May 2020. Lead Project Partner is Lublin University of Technology - Poland , followed by a consortium of additional 9 project partners from 6 EU countries (Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, and Czech Republic).

The RUINS project is financed by the European Union funding programme Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE. The total project budget is 1.765.421,10EUR. Municipality of Velenje as project partner will manage the amount of 200.425 EUR, from which 85% are co-financed by the EU and 15% by the Municipality of Velenje.

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