HIstorical CAstle ParkS (HICAPS)

Project HIstorical CAstle ParkS (HICAPS) is an international project aimed at strengthening the capacities of the public and private sectors for the use of cultural heritage and resources achieved through transnational cooperation between partner countries. The project is directed towards developing the common guidelines and tools for supporting consensus building process among public and private sector on improving the quality and effectiveness in process of evaluation and use of cultural heritage as resource for local/regional development and to raise awareness amongst schools and citizens about our historical past, reflecting through historical parks.

Also, during the project, an international strategy for assessing cultural heritage and the potential of historic parks will be developed, focusing on the technical, organizational and financial aspects of managing cultural areas.

The project aim is therefore to improve benefits for the citizens and for the public administrations involved, in a way to empower local and regional authorities with efficient planning and investment tools, while partner organizations will develop and adopt specific local action plans for further development and revitalization of historic heritage.

HICAPS is strongly based on a joint implementation and management strategy and is of great added interest to the broader public because it concerns directly millions of inhabitants in all Central Europe. The diversity of the partners’ experience will provide a transnational added value supporting a wide diffusion of the project results in many other Central Europe Regions.

The official start of the project was on 01.06.2017 and will last until the end of May 2020. Lead Project Partner is Municipality of Velenje, followed by a consortium of additional 9 project partners from 4 EU countries (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Poland).

The HICAPS project is financed by the European Union funding programme Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE. The total project budget is 1.798.274,20 EUR. Municipality of Velenje will manage the amount of 333.775 EUR, from which 85% are co-financed by the EU and 15% by the Municipality of Velenje.

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Additional information about the Program

The Interreg Program was launched in 1990 as a cornerstone of the EU Cohesion Policy. The Program provides a framework for the implementation of collective actions and policy exchanges between actors in different Member States. In the past years, the Interreg has evolved and expanded, especially its budget and focus, and currently, comprehends three different types of programs: cross-border, transnational and interregional. For the programing period, 2014-2020, a total budget of 10.1 billion € is foreseen and the investment priorities range from research and innovation, information and communication technologies, competitiveness of SMEs, to low-carbon economy, combating climate change, environment and resource efficiency, sustainable transport, employment and mobility, social inclusion, education and training and better public administration.

The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE has an available budget of 246 million € and it is part of the Interreg Transnational Cooperation Program with a total budget 2.1 billion €. Its geographical scope comprehends Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. The Program’s funding priorities are innovation to increase competitiveness, low carbon strategies, natural and cultural resources for sustainable growth and transport for better connection.