Thank you for visiting our English web Site. City of Velenje is 6th biggest Slovenian city and is centre of Municipality Velenje with approx. 30.000 inhabitants. Strong economy with mayor subject "Gorenje" (domestic appliances) and "Coal mine Velenje" are along with youth of the town main reasons for pleasant and healthy living conditions.

Established in 1959, City of Velenje has made tremendous efforts to recultivate ruined landscape because of coal exploitation and turn handicap into advantage. Velenje lakes become tourist attraction and recreational centre for many, but there is much, much more deserved to be seen in our Municipality. Here we present fractions of information about us - much more is present on our Tourist site, but nothing beats visiting our town of late socialist Modern architecture build in greenery. We sure are thrilled and expect your visit soon!


Velenje is a Town like no other in Slovenia. It was built in few years during 1950-1960 as concept for healthy living in new socialistic society. Not everyone in former State was pleased with idea but stuborn few made project come through. Top slovenian architects of that time were hired for the job and they figured out City in green as they were built around the globe at that time. In 2013, with help of EU project Atrium, we put together short book about most visible buildings from that time along with lots of interesting data about circumstances and people of that time. The Book was written and illustrated by architect Rok Poles and won prize for it's accesible design and presentation of material.