Sports are alive and well in MOV as demonstrated by top, world-class results of our athletes. The places to go for sport and recreation include the Rdeča dvorana ('Red Hall’) sport and recreation association, and the TRC Jezero tourist-recreational centre. A large number of sport societies and clubs are registered in Velenje. TRC Jezero features tennis courts, mini golf, reduced-size field football, beach volleyball, street basketball, the equestrian centre, a modern football and track & field stadium, and a state-of-the-art fitness studio at Bela dvorana (‘White Hall’). The Velenjsko jezero lake also offers swimming and fishing.

However, the town centre itself also provides plenty of excitement with its ski-jumping facilities featuring synthetic (artificial grass) surface. The Gorenje Trophy Continental Cup and the Miner’s Lamp competition, which takes place at night, are only two of the numerous annual events attracting spectators and visitors from all over the country and abroad. Apart from the White Hall, there is also the Red Hall with ball courts for team sports, table tennis, racquetball (squash), badminton. Adjacent to the Red Hall is a smaller winter pool; also in the works is the design and construction of a large, sport-recreational park next to TRC Jezero. Obviously, sport enthusiasts have plenty to occupy them, in the actual town as well as in the immediate vicinity.