EU Projects

Municipality of Velenje is very active across the borders of our country, since in the past we established cooperation with comparable cities across Europe. When Slovenia joined the European Union, Municipality of Velenje was one of the first municipalities organized and ready for the absorption of European funds. We have established "Project group for EU projects". Since 2004 we have implemented numerous EU co-financed projects and look towards continuous success in the future. Most of the implemented projects were on the level of cross-border and territorial cooperation (Central and South-east Europe).

Through EU projects we are trying to bring good practices from other cities into our environment, as well as to set a European example of good practice in the fields of rehabilitation of the environment and diminishing of negative consequences of mining. The most attention is being paid to business, education, environmental protection, promoting energy efficiency promotion, culture, tourism, youth, etc...

Many successful investment projects, co-financed through ERDF and ESF programmes, were as well implemented in this period of time, namely conservation of cultural heritage, facilitation of the development of entrepreneurship, tourism infrastructure, youth education and environment protection.

You can contact us through mail address: projektna-skupina@velenje.si



- Central Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme

- Delegation of the EU to Kazakhstan, Programme Kazakhstan Local Development

- Europe for Citizens Programme

- European Community Initiative INTERREG III B CADSES

- Interreg IIIA Neighbourhood Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia 2004-2006

- Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013

- Operational Programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013

- South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme

- The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013

- Urbact